Poll: Do You See The Dome As Half-empty, Or Half-full?

Despite their team’s record and the winter chill, the St Louis Rams are going to do their best to bring the love back into the Dome this weekend. It’s Marshall Faulk’s Hall of Fame enshrinement celebration, and the Rams will be decked out in their throwback blue and gold for the occasion.

During the Greatest Show on Turf years, the Dome was a truly fearsome place to play. Perhaps the saddest part of the post-Show era hasn’t been the demise of the roster, or the loss of iconic players, or the carousel of coaches – it’s been the loss of that Dome dominance, that part that the fans felt they played in imposing our will on the opposing team.

We started to get some of that mojo back in 2010, posting a winning home record for the first time in years, only to have that slip away again this season. So now, in one of the season’s darkest hours, might be a strange time to ask, but I want to know how the die-hard fans feel. The ones that still tailgate, still show up, still make the “First Down” sign (and refused to be embarrassed by the Ram Rules video).

Working in partnership with Michael Schneid of his soon-to-be-launched GameDay Experience website, we’ve put this poll on the Ed Jones Dome together. We want to hear your thoughts. Our poll is after the break.