The Case for Null — More than Just Frustration

There have been people clamoring for Null since draft day — Bulger-haters, mostly, or magical thinkers who see first chapter of the Kurt Warner story reborn in the sixth-round pick from the back woods of football. And the noise has only gotten louder as the Rams’ offense has seemingly run out of gas. But few […]

Keith Null and the Seductive Danger of the Spread

The obvious problem facing the Rams’ offense? 8- and 9-man fronts. Teams are so unafraid of our passing game that they’re throwing defensive playbooks out the window and just sending every able-bodied man straight up our gut. The natural reaction would be to start moving into more shotgun sets, get your quarterback away from the […]

Rams 9, Bears 17: A Return to Rams Football

Last week, I wrote that the Rams looked like a team in identity crisis: gone was the aggressive defense, and the team took a huge number of unnecessary risks in the passing game, inviting pressure to try and open up deep passing plays. That week had none of the hallmarks of the Spagnuolo identity we […]

Rams vs Bears: Q&A with Bears Hibernation

This week’s matchup is a great one for all Twittering Rams fans, because our hosts at Bears Hibernation are mad with tweets. Feel free to look up the tags #RamsAtBears or #4thPhase (referring to Bears fans as the fourth element after offense, defense, and special teams) for in-game chatter. Meanwhile,

Rams vs Bears: CutlerFaced!

The Rams and Bears meet this weekend on what is supposed to be a 40 degree windy day — classic grind-it-out football weather for two teams who are ingloriously grinding out the rest of the season. The teams arrive at this miserable place from two different directions. While little was expected of the Rams this […]

Rams no longer the only team “rebuilding”

The news of Tim Ruskell’s departure from Seattle makes plainly obvious what many Seahawks fans have refused to admit: their team is in a full-scale rebuilding mode. In fact, if those insufferable Seahawks fans have any superiority complex left, it’s all the fault of our sorry-ass Rams. Consider the teams’ record over the past two […]

Whither Will Witherspoon? What should the Rams do at WLB?

VanRam at TurfShowTimes made a really insightful observation, about how much the Rams’ run defense might be missing Will Witherspoon. The Rams traded Witherspoon after week six, and have now played five games without him at OLB. When the move was made, lots of people, myself included, saw the long-term benefits of the move and […]

Rams-Seahawks: Risks and Rewards

I had a chance last night to go back and review the first half of the Rams-Seahawks game, watching it for the first time after suffering through the local blackout. It doesn’t get any prettier in the rewatching, but it’s worth noting that the game didn’t slip away immediately. It was lost one fingertip at […]

Rams-Seahawks: Going the Wrong Way

It’s tempting to say that every single thing went wrong with this awful game against the Seahawks. After all the Rams couldn’t stop the run at all, couldn’t keep a relatively meek pass rush from destroying Kyle Boller’s pocket presence, couldn’t finish drives, and couldn’t get the fans into this game. They lost a blowout […]

Rams-Seahawks: Revisiting our Prediction

This game matters only for pride. But that’s not to say it doesn’t matter. It’s not to say that we excuse the Rams, Boller, Null or Danny Amendola at quarterback, for laying down this game. For laying up for a high draft pick. After consecutive blowout losses, Jim Mora has been urging Hasselbeck and the […]

To Go, or Not to Go? Part 2

Recapping “To Go or Not to Go, Part 1:” Facing fourth-and-goal from the two, still down 21-3 late in the third period, Coach Spagnuolo was likely looking at the past events in the game — a failed fourth-and-1 in the first half, and three stuffed runs by Jackson on the current drive — and not […]

Spotlight on the rookie: Brandon Gibson

Two games into his debut, and we're in love with Brandon Gibson. He is a tough, physical player who attacks defensive backs on his routes. He plays with an edge, but has the soft hands to bring in balls from a variety of angles, and the stop-and-go moves to make something happen after the catch […]

To go? Or not to go? Part 1.

There were a bunch of head-scratching plays and calls in today’s catastrophe against the Cardinals, a game that went from a sure blowout to a game that the Rams very likely should have won. We had all the advantages in the second half, including a home crowd that was still around, still looking for something […]

Rams-Cardinals: Revisiting our Prediction

As we gear up for Thanksgiving week, it seems appropriate for the Rams to dip back into the dysfunctional family known as the NFC West. Currently sitting at the head of the table, sharpening their carving knives, are these Arizona Cardinals. While the Rams, after being outscored 63-0 in their two conference contests so far, […]