A Warm Welcome for Richie in Buffalo

Twitter is the best thing to hit sports since the invention of the internet. How else could we have heard, first hand and unfiltered, honest reactions like the one Buffalo Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell (@Ka_Mitchell55) offered to the arrival of their newest offensive lineman?

I capture these sentiments here in all their glory because it’s only a matter of time before somebody in Mitchell’s agent’s PR network gets on the horn and that little lock appears next to his tweets. Which is why PR and agents are the worst thing to happen to pro sports …

So Kawika, why the beef?

I said what I said bout iggy and it’s over. Everything else will b handled n house. We’ve had our moments b4 when KC played SL. If Fitz is healthy that’s all that matters.

Moments when the Chiefs and Rams faced off? Considering that Mitchell’s time in Kansas City ended after the 2006 season, and Richie’s playing time in St Louis didn’t start until 2006, thanks to a pre-draft knee injury, we’re talking about a Governor’s Cup matchup, and maybe one play in particular, which was notable enough to make the AP recap:

On the Rams’ first drive, Incognito drew a 15-yard personal foul penalty on a second-and-13 play from the Chiefs’ 25, and St. Louis wound up settling for Jeff Wilkins’ 48-yard field goal.

“That’s extremely frustrating,” he said. “We were working hard, we were moving the ball real well.”

He said he slipped on the chop block.

Riiiight, Richie. Just a slip. Good luck in Buffalo.