Rams Position Battle Primer: Offensive Line

We all love a good position battle – it brings drama to camp with real-life implications for the regular season. But in few places is that camp competition more vital to the turnaround of this team than in the offensive line, a must-makeover for the new Rams regime. In fact, when you start laying the […]

2012 Rams season begins; Rams fans slowly thawing out

Why yes, that is Han Solo frozen in carbonite on the back of my iPhone. Why do you ask? The long, mostly peaceful slumber of the offseason is nearly over. Unlike most warm-blooded beasts who slow their blood and unconsciously eat their own fat while dreaming vacant, endless dreams throughout the deep winter, we footballers […]

Could We See Multiple Rookies With the 1st Team?

With the number of top-100 picks (six) and holes on the St. Louis Rams’ depth chart, perhaps the easier question is “Which rookies won’t start for the St. Louis Rams?” Head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead did a tremendous job parlaying the No. 2 overall pick into a plethora of selections to […]

Annual-Pre-season state of Sam Bradford address

It’s time for our Annual-Pre-season state of Sam Bradford address. Sam Bradford is an elite NFL quarterback. Sam Bradford can’t stay healthy. Sam Bradford doesn’t have enough help around him. Sam Bradford is overpaid. Sam Bradford’s offensive line is going to get him killed. Sam Bradford is the future of the St. Louis Rams. You […]