Scouting Reports and Pre-Draft Crushes: Aaron Hernandez

Does the UF wide receiver curse extend to tight ends? When asked what the Rams’ need from this draft, the answer is simple: everything. But to put a more precise point on this answer, the Rams need to get the best available player at each and every point of the draft, because they have so […]

Three reasons the Rams aren’t in a position to draft a Quarterback

Reading this excellent article by Jason Cole at Yahoo Sports, “A Step-by-step Guide to Drafting a Quarterback,” I see a series of red flags for the Rams as they consider trying to find their quarterback of the future in this year’s draft. Perhaps ironically, these red flags correspond to the three steps of Cole’s advice […]

A Scouting Report on the Rams’ Draft

Nick Wagoner at had a chance to sit down with the preeminent scout on Twitter, Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks), for an interview on how the Rams should approach this year’s draft. Unfortunately, I can’t link the story directly, as the official blog of the Rams doesn’t appear to support individual permalinks. So here’s a series […]

FanBall Mock Draft Update, and a Knife to the Heart

*swoon* Early in Senior Bowl week, I developed a pretty strong man-crush on a certain road-grading offensive guard from Idaho. But I was hardly the only one. Since then Mike Iupati has been generating tons of pre-draft hype, and is expected to rise well above the #33 overall pick, where I was hoping he would […]

FanBall Mock Draft update, and a possible trade partner?

Here’s an update on the First Annual FanBall NFL Mock Draft (click to follow the thread at the RotoJunkie forums): 1st: RamsHerd selects DT – Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska) 2nd: Roar of the Lions selects DT – Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma) 3rd: What the Bucs selects S – Eric Berry (Tennessee) 4th: Paint it Redskins selects OT […]

With the first pick in the 2010 FanBall Mock Draft…

RamsHerd selects Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. The Rams don’t lack for heart, and they don’t lack for grinders. If they were a hockey team, they’d be full of fourth-liners. But aside from Steven Jackson, the Rams don’t have a monster talent anywhere on the field. This pick addresses this need with the biggest monster […]

Prepping for the FanBall mock draft: a Twitter poll

FanBall is going to be mocking the first round of the draft by polling each of the writers for each NFL blog on the network, which puts RamsHerd on the clock. Naturally, I reached out to the network of Rams fans on Twitter to see what they thought. My question: Who’s your #1 right now […]

Scouting Reports and Pre-draft Crushes: Dexter McCluster

Pure speed, combined with an ethereal ability to float just above the turf, just out of gravity’s reach. In their glory days, the high-flying Rams had players who had it — Bruce, Holt, Az Zahir Hakim, and most notably the many gears and endless guile of Marshall Faulk. The genius of the Martz offense was […]

Scouting reports and pre-draft crushes: Mike Iupati

It must be the start of the offseason, as Brett Favre is already talking about retiring again. But more importantly, this is Senior Bowl week, and the tubes of the interwebs are glowing white-hot with information overload as all kinds of scouts, bloggers, and collegiate cognoscenti descend on Mobile, Alabama. And after only one day […]