Prepping for the FanBall mock draft: a Twitter poll

FanBall is going to be mocking the first round of the draft by polling each of the writers for each NFL blog on the network, which puts RamsHerd on the clock. Naturally, I reached out to the network of Rams fans on Twitter to see what they thought. My question: Who’s your #1 right now for the Rams, assuming they don’t trade down? Here are their responses:

@RamsHerd suh
@RamsHerd if no trades then suh.
@RamsHerd as of 02/11/10, suh.

The early returns are in. Total tally, and perspectives from Twitter scouts after the break.

@RamsHerd Add another vote for Suh to your total.
@RamsHerd I’m going to go Suh as well.
@RamsHerd Jimmy Clausen is my #1.

I also polled a number of the NFL Scouts and Draft experts on Twitter, and got back some solid responses.

@RamsHerd Definitely take Suh. Clausen/Bradford are intriguing, but you can get a young QB later in the draft or FA.
@RamsHerd If Bradford’s shoulder checks out, he’ll likely be the pick. I would take Suh no question & go for McCoy in rd2 though

(Colt McCoy, that is.)

@RamsHerd Suh. Totally. I agree w/ @nfldraftscout. Quality QBs can be found later in the draft.
@RamsHerd Though, if you are going the QB route, I’d take Bradford. Dunno what it its, just don’t trust Clausen. But, I’ve been wrong B4.

Looks like we have a pretty clear consensus, with 6 votes for Suh, 1 for Bradford, and 1 for Clausen. Not too surprising, and matches the direction I was leaning in naturally. Do you agree? Disagree? Hit me up in the comments. The FanBall mock draft should be happening this weekend. Also, look for a long-form examination of Jimmy Clausen, the dark horse in this debate, to be published on this site soon.