FanBall Mock Draft v2.0: To Suh or not to Suh?

Free Agency has begun, teams that have decided to be aggressive — the Eagles, Cardinals, and Bears to name a few — have already filled needs, and teams that were only flirting retired back to the shadows. The dynamic of needs and wants has changed accordingly, and the rest of my FanBall NFL brethren are getting restless. “We want a new mock!” they say.

Granted, a redo in the name of realism might be a good idea: in our first Mock, Sam Bradford fell all the way to the 49ers at #16. In this go-round, I’m tempted to play devil’s advocate and pick him #1. Not as my personal choice, mind you, but as a reflection of what is likely to happen, and my first attempt to swallow the bitter pill of reality and call it medicine. After all, a contingent of Rams big wigs — Devaney and Shurmur — met with Bradford in Florida last week, more than a week before his Pro Day. And before you dismiss this as just smoke, the Lions had similar early stage meetings with Matt Stafford as the opener of pre-draft contract negotiations. Following suit, the Lions are ready to be on the clock, and have already met with Suh twice.

Full FanBall Mock Draft v1 results after the jump, as well as a poll: What should RamsHerd do with the #1 pick? Stick to my guns (Suh), play devil’s advocate (Bradford), or choose the road less taken (Clausen)?

FanBall Mock Draft v1 Results

1st: RamsHerd selects DT – Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska)
2nd: Roar of the Lions selects DT – Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma)
3rd: What the Bucs selects S – Eric Berry (Tennessee)
4th: Paint it Redskins selects OT – Russell Okung (Oklahoma State)
5th: On behalf of Chiefs Chatter, Ryan Jones selects CB – Joe Haden (Florida)
6th: Flock of Seahawks selects OLB – Brandon Graham (Michigan)
7th: Gridiron Brownies select QB – Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame)
8th: Raiders Radar selects ILB – Rolando McClain (Alabama)
9th: Bills Herd selects OT – Bruce Campbell (Maryland)
10th: With the Bears’ original pick, Broncos Stable selects OG – Mike Iupati (Idaho)
11th: (Jaguars) Teal Power selects Tim Tebow DE – Jason Pierre-Paul (USF)
12th: (Dolphins) Blog with a Porpoise selects WR – Dez Bryant
13th: Niners Nuggets selects RB – CJ Spiller (Clemson) … analysis to come
14th: With the Broncos’ original pick, Flock of Seahawks selects OT – Anthony Davis (Rutgers)
15th: (Giants) GMen Den selects DE – Derrick Morgan (Georgia Tech)
16th: Niners Nuggets selects QB – Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)
17th: Honky Tonk Titans select DE – Carlos Dunlap (Florida)
18th: Steelers Mill selects OT – Bryan Bulaga (Iowa)
19th: (Falcons) Dirty Bird Blog selects S – Taylor Mays (USC)
20th: Don’t Mess With Texans selects DT – Dan Williams (Tennessee)
21st: Bengals Jaw selects TE – Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma)
22nd: Pats Chowder selects LB – Sergio Kindle
23rd: Packing Cheese selects S – Earl Thomas (Texas)
24th: Eagles Have Landed selects DE – Everson Griffin (USC)
25th: (Ravens) FootBaltimore selects WR – Arrelious Benn (Illinois)
26th: (Cardinals) Desert Flock selects QB – Tim Tebow! (Florida)
27th: (Cowboys) Respect The Star selects OT – Trent Williams (Oklahoma)
28th: Charging Bolts selects DT – Brian Price (UCLA)
29th: Turn On The Jets selects CB – Kyle Wilson (Boise State)
30th: Vikings Throne selects LB – Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri)
31st: Colts Chatter selects DT – Jared Odrick (Penn State)
32nd: (Saints) Who Dat Blog selects DE/OLB – Ricky Sapp (Clemson)

Mock Draft v2: How should RamsHerd pick?

I’ve put up a poll on the RamsHerd FaceBook page, where you can chime in. Should I follow my gut? Should I go with the flow, and take the increasingly likely choice of Sam Bradford? Or shock the world and take Clausen? (McCoy isn’t really an option — if the Rams go DT, they’ll take Suh.) Vote now!