RamsHerd on the Radio: 2013 Conference Championship Edition

Our resident master of media, Tim Shields, has been producing fantastic video breakdowns of key Rams plays all season long. Now, he is branching out once again, this time into sports radio. 

This Sunday evening, after the playoff games are over, I will be joining Tim on his new radio show (tentatively titled "Shields of Dreams") at KZOW 91.9 FM, Waldorf University Radio. Listeners outside the greater northern Iowa area can and should stream the show here: http://kzowfm.com/listen/

This will be the second ever edition of Tim's radio show. Last week's guest list included Kent Anderson, the Waldorf football team head coach, the legendary Joe McAtee (3k) of Turf Show Times, and NFL agent Jim Wyatt. If you didn't get a chance to hear it, and that's likely as the live stream was out of commission (it's since been fixed), you can listen to the archived audio here.