Corey Liuget: “I’ve got my fingers crossed for #14”

Corey Liuget poses on the NFL Network set. Photo by Ben Liebenberg
Corey Liuget on the NFL Network set. More photos here.

The MockThree draft is kicking off next week, and each team will be represented not just by a single twitterer or blogger, but by a WAR ROOM of pseudo-cognoscenti. Our Rams draft room is headed by Tyson Langland of Pro Football Focus, and includes Van from TurfShowTimes, myself, and relative newcomer Tim Shields (@Shields3L). We got together today to put together our draft board, and one player we discussed quite a bit was Illinois DT Corey Liuget.

Ironically, while we were talking him up, he was being interviewed by Bernie Miklasz on St Louis’ ESPN 101. We have the archive of the audio here.

The interview touched on a lot of topics, from the draft (he’ll be in Radio City Music Hall) to speculation on where he might go (he doesn’t pay attention to mock drafts, which is good, because they’re going batshit crazy right now) to the lockout (he’s cautiously optimistic) to his youth in south Florida (looking up to the likes of Warren Sapp).

He has obviously been through the interview mill dozens of times before today. But his rapport with Miklasz in their first conversation was comfortable and easy, almost as though he “fit” here. And he ended with a nice little pull quote: “Got my fingers crossed for Number 14.”

So, @RamsHerd what did you think of Corey Liuget? Seems like a personable young man. I think he wants to be here. Rams like him a lot.

I think Rams fans could like him a lot, too.