Mock Three kicks off: So sad…

We assembled a crack team for the Rams war room in Mock Three, spanning three Rams blogs and four reasonably sound minds, and spent a good chunk of Friday building our draft board. Now that our pick is in, I don’t mind sharing our board with you:

Option 1: Julio Jones … taken by the Chiefs in the 9th pick, after a massive trade.

Option 2: Aldon Smith … taken by the Patriots with the 12th pick, after a trade with Minnesota.

Wildcard option 2: Da’Quan Bowers … taken by the Lions with the 13th pick.

Option 3: Trade down … but the apparent value of the top OT in the draft, Tyron Smith, is nose-diving as Dallas, Washington, and even the Lions passed on obvious pocket protection needs.

Option 4: Corey Liuget. We got our man! Yay?

In the short term, people are wringing their hands because we couldn’t land a big-name, high-potential player. But as far as filling a need with a productive draft-day riser, the Rams will have done well with this pick. And Liuget would land with a team that he’s been rooting for. He will have to quiet the naysayers, though, who will be ready to make the inevitable Damione Lewis comparisons.

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