Plight of the Rams fan in 2013: should I care?

Many times in my life as a Rams fan, the team has brought out wild swings of emotion in me. There were the highs of pure fandom ecstasy, the kind when our boys in blue ran rampant over defenses in the late 90's. There were the lows of absolute frustration, the kind when watching the […]

Rams mojo disappears, glaring problems do not in a loss to 49ers

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Fans Voices program. I've been given a device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the service. [Details] Say this for Sam Bradford, he was the Rams offense tonight. Say this too: the Rams offense was not at all good tonight. On a […]

Rams-49ers Preview: A Matter of Timing

In the fourth quarter of every St Louis Rams home game, Al Pacino tells us that football is a game of inches. His famous speech from Any Given Sunday is played on the video board, and we are exhorted to "fight for that inch." Against the San Fransisco 49ers, that couldn't be more apropos.  The […]

Rams on pace to field worst-ever pass defense

We are the 71%. We are the team that turns every opposing quarterback into a Hall of Fame thrower. We are the team that you can bank on for somebody's career day each and every week, whether it's Carson Palmer, Julio Jones, or DeMarco Murray.  We. Are. Soft.  This is not the identity that St […]

Rams, expectations fall badly in Dallas

The last time Demarco Murray faced St Louis, he was a relative unknown. But then he turnstyled the entire Rams defense while shoving Emmitt Smith aside in the Dallas Cowboys record books.  You're forgiven if you thought this Rams team would be different. You're forgiven if you believed the hype. I did too. But now, […]

Rams dig a hole in Atlanta, can’t get out again

Call this team the road crew. They dig a hole, try to fill it up, and move on to the next stretch of road. Last week the hole was 11 points deep in the fourth quarter; this week they dug themselves a 21-0 hole on the road, and found themselves in over their heads.  Like […]

Three Keys To Beating The Atlanta Falcons In Their Dome

No quarterback faced more pressure in week 1 than the Falcons' Matt Ryan. Meanwhile, the Rams' Robert Quinn racked up three sacks and NFL Defensive Player of the Week honors in week 1. I like where this story is going already. Photo by Rick Stewart / Getty Images The Rams will face a formidable test […]

Can Jared Cook be an Elite TE?

Jared Cook is a five-year veteran, 26 years old, and, before his two (but should’ve been three) touchdown, 6237-yard explosion in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals, an overlooked run-of-the-mill tight end. For the first four years of his career, Cook persevered in Tennessee, week to week through the treacherous Vince Young/Kerry Collins/Matt Hasselbeck/Jake Locker […]

On Sam Bradford and his recovery from Battered Quarterback Syndrome

"Battered quarterback syndrome (BQS)." Symptoms include jumpy feet, erratic throws and frustrated WRs unable to complete their routes before the whistle blows dead. Once the diagnosis is made, few have recovered. Sam Bradford is one of those few. In his first home preseason game in 2010, the Minnesota Vikings sacked Bradford 8 times in one […]

2013 Rams Season Preview: Young Team Must Prove It Before They Can Ram It

Suddenly, there are stakes. It has been a long time since there have been legitimate, justifiable expectations for winning Rams football, and you can tell St Louis doesn’t really know how to act. The local history of relevant professional football boils down to two blips: the too-brief Air Coryell days of the late 70s, and […]

Takeaways and Giveaways: Rams 2013 preseason comes to a sloppy end

First off, a confession: I didn't watch the Rams' fourth preseason game. I'm not one of those people that pooh-poohs the value of the preseason, but that last week is often a gruesome spectacle with few starters and little resemblance to actual football.  That said, we can perform a little archaeological dig through the remains […]

Three Burning Questions: 2013 Rams Predictions

Found a fun little infographic polling tool last night called Poptip, and decided to use it to chart some fan opinions heading into the 2013 season. Turns out you get three free questions before the account people come and get you, so here are the three hottest-burning questions in my mind, and your responses. If […]

Alec Ogletree, Tavon Austin growing up quickly for Rams vs Broncos

Jeff Fisher has a plan for the Rams, and it revolves around raw young players with unique athletic gifts. If you give these athletes lots of playing time, you hopefully accelerate their ability to reach their potential.  Three weeks into the preseason, we're seeing it happen with rookies Tavon Austin, Alec Ogletree, TJ McDonald, and […]