Rams Mock Draft Tracker: Keenan Allen and Chance Warmack are popular picks

Holding two picks at the turning point of the first round, who will the Rams target? No one knows, of course, but something approaching a consensus is emerging among the mock draft community.  I surveyed a dozen mock drafts that have been released in the past week, and two players have been mocked to the […]

Denard Robinson: Running without laces

For the team with the worst record in professional football just a year ago, playmakers are definitely in high demand for the St. Louis Rams.  With no real “elite” prospects at the wide receiver position and the Rams having more pressing needs at other positions, I would not be pleased if the Rams took a […]

No QBs in the first round? Rams Hope to Avoid 1996 Draft Disaster

Of yesterday's group of mock drafts released by the pundits, none was more ominous than Albert Breer's, which called for zero quarterbacks to be drafted in the first round. Now, it appears that Mel Kiper is jumping on the bandwagon, as he releases his first mock draft of the season. (ESPN Insider link)  The […]

2013 Rams Draft: Is Keenan Allen At The Top Of The Rams’ WR Board?

There is no other position on the Rams roster where one player can have a significant impact on overall performance as wide receiver. Yes, Craig Dahl is terrible, but I do not expect a rookie safety to improve our overall defense in 2013. On the other hand, a receiver who can reliably catch the ball […]

The Curious Case of Marcus Lattimore

Before suffering a serious knee injury this season, South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore was poised to give us a rare repeat from last year’s NFL Draft: an early first round running back selection. However, the severity of that injury and Lattimore’s inability to participate in the Combine cast serious doubt on his draft stock. […]

RoundTable: What Are The Rams’ Top 5 Draft Needs?

Whether the Rams draft for need or follow a strict best-player-available strategy, at the end of the day Rams fans won't be happy unless the safety position has been markedly upgraded.  In keeping with Brennan's review of the top safety prospects for the Rams in the draft, an internal poll (taken before Brennan's article published) […]

2013 Rams Draft: Reviewing the Safety Class

Around St. Louis, the name “Craig Dahl” evokes images of terror, missed tackles and blown assignments.  “Dahl” has practically become interchangeable with a number of four letter expletives in and around the Edward Jones Dome and television sets showing Rams games on Sundays. In fact, Pro Football Focus had Dahl rated as the 78th out […]