Two reasons why Randy Moss didn’t fit with the Rams

Let’s be clear. The decision to pass on Randy Moss wasn’t about Billy Devaney and company sticking to a plan. If there was no room in the plan for established wideout talent, they would not have pursued Mark Clayton, Vincent Jackson, and Randy Moss in such depth. They wouldn’t have studied “every snap Randy Moss […]

An unintended outcome from Election Day: St Louis loses the Rams?

It’s well known that 2015 is a big do-or-die year for the City of St Louis and the Rams. That’s the year that Stan Kroenke can flex the opt-out clause in the Rams’ stadium lease, if the stadium itself isn’t up to league standards. As Forbes reports, the Ed Jones Dome is a long way […]

Five reasons why Randy Moss is a fit for the Rams

This is the first chance I’ve had to write at any length about the Rams and Randy Moss since news broke of his bewildering release from the Vikings. However, the topic has nearly taken over my Twitter stream over the past 36 hours. As I sit here and try to sort through the blizzard of […]

Transcript: Mike Martz’s tribute to Isaac Bruce

The numbers are staggering. The records, the Pro Bowls… but winning has always been more important to Isaac Bruce than anything else. As a young player, as a rookie, I can remember him saying that the only thing that mattered to him was to be the best there is, and to be part of the […]

Rams salute Bruce with a win

Week 8: Panthers (1-6) at Rams (3-4) Oct 31, 2010 12:00 CST 10 20 Recap | Play by Play | Video The darkened Dome was half-filled with emotion half an hour before kickoff, and half-filled with empty seats, a sign that marked the continuing transition of this franchise as it saluted one of its […]

What does 39 + Ocho Cinco add up to?

Updated: Here’s the full video of the interview. Thanks to Rubes at Versus for the clip! So, OchoCinco has a TV show. That seems unusual for an active NFL player, but hardly surprising from one of the league’s most irrepressible and media-savvy personalities. What might be surprising, though, is that Steven Jackson, who launched his […]

A message for the Rams from Aeneas Williams

“Have you seen this problem before? It’s because you did not pass the last test. God will allow us to take the same test over and over until we pass.” – Aeneas Williams Okay, so I don’t know for sure that

Rams vs Bucs: Two halves leave a hole.

Week 7: Rams (3-3) at Bucs (3-2) Oct 24, 2010 12:00 CST 17 18 Recap | Play by Play | Video Up until 2:30 in the afternoon, local time, fortune appeared to be smiling on the Rams in their bid for an upset road win. Saturday night before game day, Mizzou alum Danario Alexander […]

Secret Ingredients of Rams’ Success: Running it up the gut

There’s no secret to the way Spagnuolo wants to attack you on offense, particularly when the Rams have the lead. He wants to stuff the ball down your throat. With the game on the line, Spagnuolo approached his running back on the sideline and essentially said, “Win the game for us.” And with five consecutive […]

Rams-Bucs Q&A

The Rams travel east, sitting pretty with a .500 record and looking to push ahead in the wins column for the first time since October 29, 2006. Like their last road trip to Detroit, they face a young team who is desperately trying to show improvements from last year’s miserable season. A mirror image of […]

Video: Chargers go head-hunting, Refs stand idly by (Updated)

It’s perfectly understandable, really. Umpire Bruce Stritesky had more important things on his mind than the Rams’ 1st and goal, already up 10-0. He still hasn’t seen “Inception” yet, and all his friends have seen it twice, at least. Is it really that good? Head linesman Tom Stabile was still fuming about those liberal apologists […]

Rams find redemption at home

Week 6: Chargers (2-3) at Rams (2-3) Oct 17, 2010 12:00 CST 17 20 Recap | Play by Play | Video The Rams had to answer some pretty big questions in this game against the Chargers. They did that and more. They got their swagger back against a tough opponent, re-animated a St Louis […]

Rams-Chargers Game Day: 3 Big Questions

As we discussed in my guest spot in yesterday’s Turf Show Radio (thanks for having me on, guys!), the Rams face a tough task this week in trying to bounce back from their “perfect storm” loss against the Lions. After getting beat — soundly — in all three phases of the game on the road, […]

Lions 44, Rams 6. Welcome back to the laughing stock

Week 5: Rams (2-2) at Lions (0-4) Oct 10, 2010 12:00 CST 6 44 Recap | Play by Play | Video It’s hard to believe, but the Rams actually fell victim to a “trap” game. The Lions were a team playing better that their 0-4 record suggested. The Lions were a dangerous team, one […]