What does 39 + Ocho Cinco add up to?

Updated: Here’s the full video of the interview. Thanks to Rubes at Versus for the clip!

So, OchoCinco has a TV show. That seems unusual for an active NFL player, but hardly surprising from one of the league’s most irrepressible and media-savvy personalities. What might be surprising, though, is that Steven Jackson, who launched his own site but has been strictly down the middle in media interviews, is opening the gates a little bit in tonight’s sit-down.

Thanks to Matthew Altman at DKC Sports (@AltmanDKCSports), we’ve got a few choice quotes from the Rams running back:

“I agree with Reggie Bush. I’d rather get hit in my head than my knee”
“The lockout is definitely possible. I tell young players to save their money”
“The running backs I’d pay money to see: Adrian Peterson, Ricky Williams and Chris Johnson”
“I get better tables in St. Louis than Pujols and Nelly. The Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs and Nelly’s in the studio right now, so I win by default”

We didn’t really get to see Sam Bradford open up until his interview with former quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Perhaps players are just most comfortable talking with each other … if so, tonight’s interview may be the “realest” we’ve seen from Jackson in a while. It’s also good to see the man getting a little face time after replacing an NFL Hall of Famer on the Rams’ all-time rushing list.