Weekend Reading: The Run Also Rises

The long, agonizing drive. Eat up the clock. Keep your defense off the field, keep the enemy quarterback playing catch on the sidelines. The pendulum swings, and we welcome back, from the pages of history, the running game. This, of course, is a reaction to all that defense against the passing game, which grew wings […]

The second half: a blow by blow

Just like in my first half summary, I’m using a basic red-light, yellow-light, green-light highlighting to describe whether I think the play was a bad, average, or good one for the Rams. There’s more green here, but you can kind of get a feel for the inconsistency of the game, and ultimately, its disappointing end.

The first half: a blow-by-blow

I’m still waiting to get my DVR hooked up, will have something in place by the start of the season. In the meantime, here are my observations of the game replay, with the benefit of knowing the play’s outcome before it runs. Notations are from the gamebook. As part of the play-capture, I’ll use […]

Well, that wasn’t much fun.

First team vs first team, Rams were outclassed. The first series was all Michael Turner, the second series all Matt Ryan. Both ended in touchdowns, as holes erupted again throughout the Rams D. Boller was flat-out terrible. The only pattern working for him early was the slant to Robinson. Anything longer than ten yards through […]

Rams vs Falcons: What to Watch For

The 2008 Atlanta Falcons provide a pretty strong model for how to bust out of a franchise slump — capitalize on the things you still do well (run blocking), then make it better (Michael Turner). Go bold in your areas of biggest need (Matt Ryan), and get new blood from old players (John Abraham) as […]

Ram Predictions: 2009, November

The month of November should be football heaven… the air turns crisp, playoff races start to clarify, baseball is in the books and every able boy is outside getting tackled into fallen leaves. And just one week into the preseason, it feels very far away. But nonetheless, we press on with our Rams 2009 predictions, […]

Remaking the Defense: Observations from PFF (Part 1)

When Steve Spagnuolo took over the downtrodden Rams, he had to know two things just walking in the door — that there would be unsolvable problems that must be cut, and that there would be hidden gems whom he could polish. Little did we know that our team’s leading tackler, Pisa Tinoisamoa, would fall into […]

What we tweet, when we tweet about the Rams

Apologies to Raymond Carver for the post title, but I just found a cool little infographic device for parsing Twitter. I wondered if anyone out there is still talking Rams, with all the other news floating around the sports world… now you can see for yourself, with the magic of TwitterStream.

Revisiting our Prediction: Game 5 vs Vikings

Obviously, the sports world is awash with the news of the re-un-retirement of He Whose Name Need Not Be Spoken. Generally speaking, we would let the Vikings and their fans have their own little lollapalooza over the news and pay it no mind. But as a part of our look ahead to this season’s matchups, […]

Rams Practice Observations: Aug 18 (morning)

One day after Marc Bulger’s announced pinky injury, I drove out to Rams Park for this morning’s session: a marathon 2 1/2 hour practice. My camera battery died halfway through, so I spent the latter half of the session watching and

Rounding up the Herd: Monday Links

Nice week coming up, building up to the Rams’ next preseason game against the Falcons — their only true test against an NFL-caliber offensive line. I’ve got some Q-and-A with the Rams observer from Pro Football Focus coming up this week, something that I hope will be a regular feature on the site. In the […]

Rams 23, Jets 20: A Half-twitted Recap

Marc Sanchez will get the headlines, and the Rams’ run defense will get a big asterix with the Jets missing three anchors from their offensive line. But it was a hard-fought game from wire to wire, and it turned out as a win — thanks in large part to the cool-headed play of Keith Null, […]