Well, that wasn’t much fun.

First team vs first team, Rams were outclassed. The first series was all Michael Turner, the second series all Matt Ryan. Both ended in touchdowns, as holes erupted again throughout the Rams D. Boller was flat-out terrible. The only pattern working for him early was the slant to Robinson. Anything longer than ten yards through the air was a miss. Getting ready to watch the Fox 2 delayed replay of the first quarter…

Stat of the day, from Bill Coats/ Around The Horns:
The Rams, conversely, averaged a woeful 1.6 yards on their 16 [first half] runs. And that included an 11-yard scramble by QB Kyle Boller. Steven Jackson picked up 10 yards on three carries, but backup RB Samkon Gado carried 12 times for only 5 yards.

Boller’s run was a scramble. And 9 of SJ’s 10 yards came on his first carry. That means the Rams gained 6 yards on their other 14 first-half carries. Clearly, the Falcons were stacking the box and flooding the lanes, showing no respect for our passing game, but still. That’s abysmal.