Looking Forward To 2012

With the 2011 season having ended for Rams fans long ago and the stench sure to linger for a while it might be a good idea to move on…assuming you haven’t already. 2011 Was a disaster, no doubt about it. Even if the Rams win out, which they won’t, they will fall short on last […]

Time To Bench Sam Bradford

The time has come this season to face a harsh reality. Sitting at 2-10 with four games remaining both the St. Louis Rams and Sam Bradford would be best served if he does not take another snap.  How the Rams handle Bradford for the remainder of the season will have a direct impact on the […]

Conservatively Moving-Force – Meets Immovable Object

What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Although it is not really a particularly deep philosophical question, it is a classic paradox. An irresistible force can move any object. An immovable object cannot be moved. Hmm. Makes a person think. Perhaps a more fitting question heading into Sunday’s matchup with the 49ers […]

Rams vs. Cardinals: Three Big Decisions

This is usually a forum to review Sunday’s action. Where I delve into each play and drive that ultimately lead to the outcome and made up the days drama. Today I find myself unable to take the same approach. This is not to say there was not big, important momentum turning plays throughout the game. […]

Rams Fantasy Roundup: Week 12 Arizona Cardinals

Looking back 12 weeks ago just prior to the opener against the Philadelphia Eagles the fantasy potential for the Rams seemed legitimate and promising. Whoops. As the season has progressed the opportunities that have presented themselves have been few and far between. Spagnuolo and McDaniels, along with the injury bug have all done their parts […]

The Case…To Keep Spagnuolo?!

As I write this I am fully aware and prepared that this will be the least popular and poorly received post I have written to date. I considered penning it under a stage name as to protect myself and family from further persecution and shame. Yet as I put pen to paper, rather keystroke to […]

Rams vs Seahawks Big Plays Big Decisions

No trick plays necessary for the Seattle Seahawks. A punishing defense was more than enough. The offense couldn’t get anything going and again wasted a solid defensive effort. Sam Bradford completed just 20 of 40 pass attempts, was sacked five times, fumbled twice and threw an INT. Steven Jackson saw his three-game streak of 100-yard […]

Rams vs. Browns: Big Plays & Big Decisions

In what was essentially a 3 hour battle of field position the St. Louis Rams came away winners in nearly the same fashion they lost just a mere seven day ago. Via a field goal attempt at the end of the game. In the NFL a win, is a win, is a win. And that […]

Rams Fantasy Corner: Week 10 Cleveland Browns

The Rams performance last Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals from an offensive standpoint was nothing short of maddening. Dominating nearly all statistical aspects of the game yet no pay dirt. That is about as frustrating as it gets for a fantasy GM. Add to the mix head coach Steve Spagnuolo seemingly looking to run out […]

Who Should Be The Rams Next Head Coach

Let’s be honest, at this point Steve Spagnuolo is a dead coach walking. Even if the conspiracy theorists are right and Stan Kroenke is okay with tanking the season, making a move to Los Angeles that much easier.  I cannot imagine Stan is okay with failure of this magnitude. Regardless of the end game. In […]

Rams vs. Cardinals: Big Plays & Big Decisions

Another game…another new way to lose. Dominating the game in nearly all areas the Rams had their share of big plays. Unfortunately nearly all of them came on defense. The game also featured numerous spots where decision making would come into play. As we have seen these situations do not always bring out the best […]

Rams Fantasy Corner: Week 9 Arizona Cardinals

The Rams performance last Sunday against the New Orleans Saints caused a lot of fantasy owner to sit up and take notice.  For the first time all season Rams’ players were a force in Standard, PPR and even IDP leagues. With the toughest part of their schedule behind them can we finally get on board […]

Second Season: Where Do Rams Go From Here

In my post last week I noted the second season begins this Sunday at Arizona. Well, apparently the Rams were eager to get started. Opening the second-half (well kind of) of their season the way many expected them to do against the Eagles eight weeks ago. This next game against the Cardinals is still a […]

Rams vs Saints: Big Plays & Big Decisions

Whether it was the Rally Squirrel walking a few blocks north on Broadway, a New Orleans Saints team perhaps a bit too convinced of their upcoming dominance or a St. Louis Rams team deciding that it had finally had enough. Whatever the cause a Rams team anticipated by so many showed up at the Ed […]

Where Do Rams Go From Here

Sitting at 0-6 and staring 0-7 right in the face it can be difficult to look ahead. But the Rams have to do just that. My advice would be to actually look past the Saints, this week’s opponent, and start thinking about week nine in Arizona. I understand rule 1 in sports is to not […]