Fisher Watch 2012

Fisher Watch 2012 is in full effect. With updates on everything from his sandwhich choice to contract demands. For a guy who stands to bring in roughly $7 million a year he is flip-flopping more than someone running for re-election.

Confident that Jeff Fisher would make a decision, NFL observers and fans of the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams prepared to hear word the former Tennessee Titans coach would be leading their teams in the 2012 season. Didn’t happen.

Fisher left everyone hanging as Thursday arrived, with reports he is torn between the Dolphins and Rams. Sunny Miami or snowy St. Louis. There also were suggestions he might be waiting to see what happens with other teams, with the Indianapolis Colts mentioned.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that despite the long wait, a decision should come either Thursday or Friday.

A source close to Fisher told that he is not using the teams against each other in a leverage play and that neither side has made an offer.

“This is not about money,” the source said. “This is not about negotiating. This is about winning.”

Okay then Jeff, in the words of the elequent Judge Smails…”well…we’re waiting”



As with most cases of anticipation, interest appeared to be turning sour on Fisher. Eager became something short of anger as the decision awaited.

Jeff Fisher continues to puzzle out whether he wants to coach the Dolphins or the Rams.

There were indications Fisher might be leaning toward the Dolphins. Sports Illustrated said as much Wednesday. The site’s story mentioned a report that an announcement was imminent.

On the flip side, The Miami Herald reported Dolphins officials were as puzzled as the guy in the nose-bleed seats about what Fisher would do.

What’s clear this is, as presented by Sporting News Dolphins correspondent Ben Volin in the Palm Beach Post: Fisher’s decision isn’t an easy one. Volin mentioned a report that suggested both teams should move on.

Perhaps that’s what the Rams did Wednesday by getting permission to speak with Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. That interview occurred on Thursday and by all acounts went very well. The Rams are also expected to speak with Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen.

If Fisher is playing a time-and-pressure game with the teams, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t respond in kind.

Meanwhile, everyone continues to wait for Fisher to kindly respond