Week 6: Sour Rankings

For six weeks now NFL fans have been fed the Power Rankings of all NFL teams from too many media outlets to keep track of. Our weekly cheat sheet of who the best teams are from 1 all the way down to 32. Which teams have moved up and which teams have moved down and why from week to week.

For the most part these rankings are transparent and one can guess who will top them each week by simply checking the box scores or division standings. The Sour Rankings take a different approach. Six weeks in we have and an idea who the elite teams are as well as the bottom teams. Many of these are the same ones projected to be so before the season ever began.

Here we take a look at the teams we have soured on over the course of six weeks. Those teams that have not only played badly but left us with a bad taste in our mouths. We’ll take a look at these from week to week and evaluate which teams have played their way onto and off of the Sour Rankings.

It takes more than winning or losing to impact the rankings. It’s about effort, level of play, expectations and intangibles not easily quantified by statistics. For instance, Brandon Marshall efforting to get himself kicked out of a game could have a similar impact as the Rams gaining 400+ yards of offense, 22 1st downs yet only scoring three points.

Enough with the explanation. Take a look at the rankings and you’ll get the idea. (hint, they go bad…to not as bad.)

1) Rams 0-5: The Rams have been embarrassed each week of the season, and it won’t get any easier this week as they travel to Dallas to take on a Cowboys team that almost beat the New England Patriots on Sunday. Look no further than Sunday’s three point performance despite racking up over 400 yards of offense and 20+ 1st downs.

2) Colts 0-6: Another hard-fought game. The Colts have struggled, and each week they find new ways to lose games. The schedule doesn’t get any easier either. The “Suck4Luck” sweepstakes favorite at this time has to be the Colts. At least they have been “in” their games, more than I can say for the Rams.

3) Dolphins 0-5: The Dolphins problems are multiple. They need a quarterback, a better running back, a consistent Brandon Marshall and their defense to live up to expectations. Easy enough, right? And it is never a good sign when your star WR is trying to get kicked out of a game. Might as well take a cue from the Giants and fake an injury.

4) Cowboys 2-3: The Cowboys are not as good on the field as they are on paper. So what’s new. For a team that has gone over a decade without a significant playoff win I have grown tired of flip-flopping on Romo and waiting for magic to happen

5) Eagles 2-4: The Eagles put an end to their four-game losing streak, and it was at the hands of their defense. Sure, Redskins QB Rex Grossman’s inabilities were a major benefit to the Eagles but the “Dream Team” has been sleep walking through this season. Too much talent and coaching to be 2-4.

6) Redskins 3-2: The Redskins came into this week controlling the NFC East, but now are a game back and in the middle of a quarterback controversy. Beck and Grossman could both be out there throwing the ball around and it’s not going to help. Shannahan, you made your QB bed during the draft. Time to suck it up and sleep in it.

7) Vikings 1-5: McNabb and the Vikings were embarrassed by the Chicago Bears Sunday night. Blame McNabb, blame the offensive line and blame the play-calling. Blame whomever you like, as things are falling apart in Minnesota.

8) Broncos 1-4: Not sure trading their best receiver in Brandon Lloyd helped them in any way. Maybe if they clear house, they have a shot at Andrew Luck? And I for one am thrilled Tebow is starting for the sole reason I hope people will shut the hell up about it. I hope he either is the second coming of Elway or Leaf. Because then one way or another the question will be answered.

9) Browns 2-3: Not sure what to think of the Peyton Hillis situation in Cleveland. First he was out because of a coach’s decision, then it was a hamstring, and then he is back in the game. The guys is on the cover of Madden for crying out loud…put him in the game.

10) Jets 3-3: A quarterback who won’t step up and a coach who won’t shut-up and a wide receiver stirring the pot. What’s not to like. If this team played anywhere else they would get the Kansas City Chiefs equivalent of media attention.