Rounding up the Herd: Relevant Again Edition

A wiser, or at least more famous, man than I once said that any publicity is good publicity. What I took away from this is that if you’re in the news, for whatever reason, you’re alive, you have a pulse…you’re relevant. This hasn’t been the case around Rams Park since their 8-8 2004 playoff season. The most press the Rams received back then was their name in the box score of yet another listless defeat.

There was no talk of Free Agents, let alone high profile FA’s joining the Rams. Such talked would have easily been laughed off.  No scribe, blogger on TV host came near to mentioning the Rams and a division title in the same breath. There was no need to write about what might hold this team back from a run at the NFC West because, well get serious no such run was taking place and shortcomings all over the field were holding this team back.

Not the case anymore. Now I am not so drunk on Rams Kool-aid to suggest the Rams are anything more than contenders in perhaps the weakest division in the NFL.  But hey, after years of the Sheep inhabiting the Ed, I welcome these Rams’ into my home on Sunday’s.  These Rams have buzz. These Rams have a young, legit QB who WR’s want to come and play catch with, a strong and growing core on D with a desire for more. These Rams are being talked about…and here is what people are saying.

Can you hear me now!  

Bradley Fletcher action figure comes with kung-fu grip

Can Bradford lead the Rams to the division title…?

…or will the D get in his way

Don Shula not just known for his steak houses. Knows a bit about football too

Alex Smith behind center…music to my ears. And potentially the move that wins the NFC West for the Rams.

FA Wide Outs, we got ‘em.  Alright…who you want?

So what if he’s too stupid to NOT shoot himself. He can catch.

From prison to St. Louis (maybe), what a long strange trip it has been

OIFPW part 2 (Mini-Camp West Coast Style)

Giving back…just a nice story