Rams Debut: Brandon Lloyd

In his Ram debut Brandon Lloyd had 6 receptions for 74 yards with a long of 34. Lloyd showed to be a nice upgrade over free-agent bust Mike Sims-Walker. Some bright spots for Lloyd were his ability getting downfield and gaining separation from coverage. Unfortunately Feely struggled getting him the ball in those opportunities.

But he, too, failed to make plays in the red zone when the Rams repeatedly tried to get him the ball at the end of the game. Also a miscommunication between Lloyd and Feeley lead to an interception in the 1st half as Lloyd looked to break off his route a bit early.

Some of this is to be expected as he joined the team and had a short week to get ready for the Cowboys. On the flip side however he should already be quite familiar with McDaniels playbook. Moving forward, assuming the health of Sam Bradford I think we can expect to see more out of #83. In addition, with Danario Alexander potentially missing some time to a hamstring injury obtained on Sunday we can expect to see the number of targets and receptions for Lloyd increase.

While it may have appeared an underwhelming debut keep in mind who was throwing to him and what the game plan was. Spags had no intentions of letting Feeley air is out 30+ times…and we saw what happens when he tried to go down field. All in all 6 receptions for 74 yards was not a bad debut for the new Rams wide receiver…so long as he builds on it..and occasionally finds the end zone.