Rounding up the Herd: Preseason Week 1 Edition

It has been a month of firsts. First practice, first scrimmage and finally the first preseason game. Since the Rams 33-10 dismantling of the Colts last Saturday a lot of accolades and praise have been thrown around.  Granted it was nothing more than a glorified scrimmage but for a fan base thirsty (see what I did there) for exciting, winning football it was a step in the right direction.

Kool-Aid, or blue drank, as I like to call it, has been flowing through St. Louis like the Mississippi on a rainy April. For those of you I lost with that alliteration allow me to break it down…Fans are excited and just a wee bit optimistic. For once the same said can be said for local and even some national media. We are all drinking from the same cup…and it tastes good!

The excitement is contagious and the supply of Kool-Aid is endless. But I want to caution us all as well against setting expectations too high.  Last season’s 7-9 record was a great turn around but this year’s schedule only gets tougher. And as Will wrote about earlier this week BODOG isn’t exactly onboard with the Rams making a run to the Super Bowl. 

Now that you have been warned time to get back to the party. Fill up your cup and toast to Sam Bradford slinging it around to Sims-Walker, Kendricks & Co to the tune of 30 touchdowns; Steven Jackson leading our three-headed monster at running back to a league best rushing title; Chris Long and the defense sacking their way to a career high and of course Josh Brown kicking ‘em in from sixty plus all season.

More feedback in the aftermath of Rams win, perhaps a bit more tempered…perhaps not.

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