Rounding up the Herd: Opening Weekend (Honeymoon Edition)

Ahhh the Honeymoon period. Anyone who is married, engaged or has even dated someone knows this period well. It is that time when everything is rose-colored and perfect. Annoying habits haven’t yet surfaced, expectations are high and you cannot imagine how they would ever let you down. That is how I feel about the first weekend of Rams practices.

This is the NFL’s honeymoon period. No one have been cut, hurt or lost their starting spot to the 6th round pick out of Utah Valley State. Right now Sam Bradford is as sharp as ever, DX is cutting on a dime on his surgically repaired knees, Robert Quinn is the future opposite Chris Long and both Mikell and Sims-Walker are great Free Agent signings.

Not to say any of this is not the case or will not come true. But that is the beauty of the honeymoon…nothing has happened contrary to any of these thoughts. For the next six weeks Rams fans should be excited about the young corps of WR’s Devaney has put together, new blood that brought in through the draft and free agency, as well as new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Of course inevitably the rose colored hue fades. They will annoy us, piss us off, disappoint and at some point, yes….let us down. That being said we still have high hopes for the Rams this season and we should. If they do let us down it should be seen as a sign of the progress Coach Spags and the Four Pillars have made in raising the expectations of Rams fans across the country. GM Billy Devaney has put together a solid core in St. Louis and I for one feel that this time, the honeymoon is going to go on for a while longer. Here is what others are saying.

Let the analysis begin!

Will brings it from day 1

What exactly are we getting with Sims-Walker

An O-Line with 80 combines starts in 2010 should help #8 continue to develop

Excited to hit the field

It’s still all about the WR’s

McDaniels already liking what he sees

Always smart to protect your $50 million investment