No Longer Afraid of My TV on Sundays

I look forward to once again turning on my TV on Sundays without dread…better yet with actual excitement.  Since roughly 2005 this has been nap time for me. Last season was much better yet still every game carried anxiety along with the anticipation.  This year I expect more excited anticipation and less anxiety.

Now I am not buying my playoff tickets yet and there is still a lot of football left (namely the entire season) but I forgot how much fun it can be to watch a game knowing your team has at least a chance to win. Yes I am drinking my share of the Kool-Aid, but it’s been at least 6 years since I was thirsty for it so who cares.  The team in the Show-Me State, at least is relevant again and I am going to enjoy it.

St. Louis had a strong off-season both through Free Agency and the draft. Bradford finally received some more help in the form of Dahl and of Sims-Walker.  And believe it or not Steven Jackson (whether or not he wanted it) got help too when the Rams pulled their heads out of their a$3es and actually addressed the backup Running Back void with Norwood and Williams.

Perhaps most importantly St. Louis firmed up their ownership with proven winner Stan Kroenke. This is a franchise (and city) that needed a spark, needed confidence and more importantly needed to get its fan base behind them.   Well Devaney and company have done their best to resolve that issue.

In my opinion they have.  The Rams finally have a personality and a pulse. Sam Bradford is only 16 games in to his NFL career and still has mistakes ahead of him. Yet he has the makings of a great pro and most importantly has the confidence of his team. Jackson’s legs should get a few rests this year making him stronger when it matters and they signed the “nastiest” o-lineman in the NFL according to his reputation.

St. Louis is still a baseball ball town and October has been their territory in St. Louis for, well pretty much ever. However that grip is loosening.  Come the fall the lines in front of the Ed will be longer than those leading up to Busch.  The Rams are making a play for a larger chuck of our entertainment dollars. Case in point The Rams were not blacked out on TV last season, a huge win for the team and the Fans.

So on behalf of all fans in St. Louis…THANK YOU!  Thank you for making my living room couch a destination on Sunday’s again and thank you for making me care. I remember St. Louis without football…those were some very lonely Sunday’s.  My love affair with the Rams is blossoming as it did 16 years ago which means no more lonely Sunday’s.