Rounding up the Herd: WR Edition

“Get in where you fit” and “Know your role,” both great lines and words that carry a lot of weight with the Ram’s crop of WR’s this offseason.  Something that stuck with before the 2010 NFL Draft was a comment by Rams GM Billy Devaney. He talked about the Ram’s need to improve talent wise across the board, at all positions. That even a slight upgrade at a spot will put the team in a better position to win and the need to turn the talent over in this fashion every year.  Don’t believe him…then you apparently did not pay attention to the Rams 2011 Draft…at all…and shame on you for that.

Tyson Langland from Pro Football Focus “Here’s how I see it. Clayton, Avery, Amendola, DX, Pettis, Salas–6max”

Essentially Billy D came out and said “…unless your #8, consider yourself on notice.” Okay…no need to scour the papers he didn’t actually come out and say that, but his actions might as well have.  By taking Kendricks, Pettis & Salas he sent a message to Clayton, Avery, DX and the other Ram’s receivers and TE’s that the Rams no longer will settle for what they have but rather strive to attain what they do not.

Tevin Broner from Turf Show Times “here’s mine, Amendola, Gibson, Clayton, DX, Gilyard, and 2 rookies. I think Rams ahve to keep 7”

Myself, I like it. I am a Mizzou grad and big DX fan. I thought Clayton showed a great connection with Bradford in their short time together last season. But if ya ain’t helping the team get better ya gots to go. As a kid I can remember how my Dad loved tell me any time I messed up, “you better be glad you’re the only one we got.”…for the Ram’s WR’s that is a luxury they do not have. I just hope Devaney doesn’t make ‘em cry, not that I cried, I’m just saying. You know what, whatever…don’t judge me…

Yours Truly from RamsHerd “I can see those 6+ a wildcard which could be Gilyard or an extra TE. McD likes those 2 TE sets. Gilyard’s best shot is KR.”

Here are some good links and conversation on who could be staying, who should be staying and who’s out the door.

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