Rounding up the Herd: Pre-Draft Poker Face Edition

Let me see your Poker Face…

Is the draft a choose your own adventure book?  Is there no changing the future after that first decision is made?  Which adventure will the Rams choose with their 1st rd pick… will they choose offense like that of the GSOT  Rams or choose defense and build their version of the 2001 Ravens (extreme examples of course).  Well the draft is not a one round choose your own adventure, it is a seven rounder. Yes that first one is big but it does not determine the end result or dictate which adventure a franchise will embark on. 

One thing is certain; Billy Devaney has become a master of the pre-draft smokescreen. He is earmarking all the pages so no one knows which adventure he is taking the Rams on.  And that’s the way he likes it.  And I am okay with that. I like a GM who keeps it close to the chest.   From looking at the articles below it appears he is doing a very good job at it.

Will he move up to grab his coveted WR…

…or does he stay 14 and grab a DT…

who knows, maybe he goes Tight-End

….Only thing we know for sure as Will pointed out in his column is they ain’t going QB.

Devany has impressed at least one of the Talking Heads, and in this case it’s the head with the hair.

@MelKiperESPN Mel Kiper Jr. Best drafts in my opinion the last 2 yrs (includes UFA’s) 2009 -GB   & Det – 2010 – NE, Oak, Pitts, St. Louis, TB, GB

A few links on who might end as the Rams choice at #14:

Still Jonesen for Julio:
Mr. Smith goes to St. Louis:
Too Liuget, too Liguet to draft, hey hey:

A Couple of other thoughts heading into the 2011 NFL Draft

Rams fans have been feeling uneasy about, well pretty much everything.  For the 5 plus years it has been tough to be a Rams fan.  Mad Mike ran the team into the ground and the Linehan did everything in his power to keep them there. Games were not on TV and fans were not at the games. So you’ll have to forgive us for still taking the glass-is-half-empty approach even when things start going better.  The Rams have their franchise QB, went from 1,2 to 7 wins, have a young  up and coming D and what appears to be a strong front office and they are back in prime time this season. Twice the Rams will appear on MNF.  I want to get excited, I do but I can’t help feeling like Charlie Brown waiting for Lucy to pull the ball away at the last moment.  I just really hope Stan Kroenke isn’t playing the part of Lucy to the fans Charlie Brown.

Patience, not sure if it’s one of the Four Pillars but it is absolutely going to be an important virtue within the Rams war room for the 2011 Draft.  For the first time since 2007 the Rams will not have one of the first two picks.  So Spags and Bill D have can sit back, relax, and get in some serious Angry Birds action on the IPad…though my guess is their attention will be focused elsewhere.