Rounding up the Herd: OIFPW Edition

Leadership, Hungry, Driven.  It’s been awhile since anyone has used adjectives like these to describe the Rams. That is until this week’s OIFPW’s, or Organized Independent Football Player Workouts.  I figure since the NFL is on lockout status, and the players no longer have a union, there really aren’t teams right now.  So OTA’s cannot in reality take place. A lot of the members of the former NFLPA got together recently for OIFPW’s in their respective cities. Much to my delight and that of other Rams fans our local chapter of the OIFPW got together this past week.

These workouts are much different than the OTA’s that took place in previous off-seasons.  You know, the mandatory/voluntary OTA’s that all teams had and were put on by the teams and coaching staffs.  Where players just had to show up. This year we the fans are seeing the true colors of our teams and leaders because it has been up to them to organize the OIFPW’s and get ready for a season that may or may not come. This would have been a scary thought with Marc Bulger still at the helm of our ship and others like Richie Incognito, Claude Wroten and Alex Barron bringing everyone down.

Fortunately we have the” Four Pillars” on our side.  As we see Sam Bradford, James Laurinatis and others organize a rather large group onto the field and in the classroom these last few days. This is the leadership, hunger and drive we as fans have yearned for.


Ain’t no lockout gonna hold me down, Ain’t no lock out gonna slow me down, oh no…

If you’re going to follow an example, none much better than that of #18 an Co

Just like the USPS, “Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor gloom of night” will stop THESE Rams

Leading by example, Bradford embracing his new role. The leadership they’d been lacking at QB

DX Missile hoping to blow up the NFC this year

Rams Workout Frenzy…thoughts on who’s getting it done.

Once upon a time this was the norm. If #8 and JL have their way it will be again.

It’s not quite OTA’s but it’s pretty damn close

Come one come all!

Rams O-line proving that just because there’s no football, doesn’t mean the work stops.

Don’t believe me…and you’re just dumb if you don’t. But just in case watch this!