Rounding up the Herd: Friday Edition

Scene: Rams Park, Purpose: off season strategy meeting.  Devaney clamoring for a DT, Demoff screaming out shouts for the need to upgrade at Guard while McDaniels pleads for a better weapon at WR for his guy behind center. Then Spags breaks out his draft board….top of the board, you guessed it, equipment manager. Well good, now that’s settled. Yes, the Rams had a great turn around in ’11 going from 1-15 to 7-9 but until Spags and his lieutenant’s focus their attention on what wins games this franchise will continue to struggle in meritocracy.                                                       

When a new coach takes over often said coach wants to make their presence felt, Spagnuolo is no different. Bring in your assistants…sure, adjust the roster to fit the style of football you want played…okay.  I believe that is where it needs to end. It is a fine line between managing and meddling and Spags crossed that with his firing of equipment manager Todd Hewitt and then again later when he decided to let go of assistant strength coach Chuck Faucette.  It sends the wrong message throughout the organization (which consists of more than just players). This has never sat well with me.  For a take on it from someone who is around the Rams check out this excerpt from St. Louis Post-Dispatch Rams reporter Jim Thomas’s chat this past week.



Really… really, you mean to tell me two gentlemen as smart as you can’t figure out how to divide $9 billion! Really. Gimme an abacus, 4 hours and I’ll get it done. You’re acting like the older brothers who took the cool toy away from their younger brother only to have mom come in and say, “alright, now no one gets to play with it”.    Better figure it out and play nice boys, Judge Nelson‘ll send you both to your rooms with no super. USA Today with some good insight into what went down in court this week.

Judge: Both sides at risk if NFL, players don’t find own solution

NFL’s task: Convince judge to butt out of its labor dispute   


JulioJonesJulio Jones is a beast. Given. Also beastlike; the Johnsons, Andre and Calvin. Arguably the top 2 WR’s in the league right? Bothhave top flight QB’sAldonSmith1
right? Okay quick  math quiz; how many playoff games have any of them won thus far into their careers….exactly 0 playoff wins combined. Not that the Rams shouldn’t go WR with #1 if Jones available but our boys in Blue & Gold have a BUNCH of needs. Will points out some good options in his post from earlier this week.

RamsHerd Mock Draft Selection

Rounding up the Herd: Friday Edition

Firstly, a bit of a technical note. FanBall has been working on a server migration, and apparently we’re having trouble approving comments from first-time commenters. This includes a nice little note from David over at, and an inspiring comment from “a Rams fan from afar.” Hopefully this will be sorted out quickly, we love having more folks join the conversation….

One conversation that’s just getting started stems from this intriguing note from commenter Sean:

i have been in st.louis the last 2 months. i love the city, but there sure isnt a lot of love for this team here. if even have the card fans were into the rams like that i could see the team wanting to improve. ive been a ram fan since gabriel was tossing td’s to snow, and its a damn shame how poorly they are supported here.

— Sean, commenting on “Fixing the Rams Ultimate Franchise Ranking (Part 2)

I offered my response, but if you’re local or just want to chime in, feel free. There’s no doubt that the Rams have a long way to go to regain their swagger in this town…

Which brings me to my official summer jam by Cali Swag District. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, despite getting pretty limited radio play.

“The Dougie” is a response/reference to Lil’ Wil’s “My Dougie“, which keeps the name Doug E. Fresh ringing out….

Which just happens to be the Twitter pseudonym of the Rams’ funniest and most unabashed tweeter, Dominic Douglas.