Infographic: 49ers’ reliance on big plays

Obviously, big plays killed the Rams in Week 10. But are you aware of just how much? Check out this graphic representation of the 49ers' drive charts from last week's matchup:

2010-Game-9-STL-at-SF Key

Of 421 total yards for the 49ers offense, 321 resulted from a total of eleven big plays. ("Big plays," highlighted in green, are plays that travel 15 yards or more.) An additional 85 yards resulted from three huge penalties, including the last pass interference call that former director of NFL officials Mike Pereira now says shouldn't have been called.

Yes, you heard that right. If not for big plays and big penalties, the Rams' defense would have held the Niners to 16 yards of total offense. Mind boggling.

Keep this in mind as the Rams prepare to battle Matt Ryan, Roddy White and the Atlanta Falcons this week, an offense that loves the big play…