Fun with Infographics: History of QBs in the Super Bowl era

As longtime readers of the site know, I love football and I love infographics, and I especially love when they come together. I've even been known to create one or two, whenever I can carve out some spare time. 

RamsHerd reader Sean Lind of Slip and Tackle might just have raised the stakes, though. He submits this epic infographic comparing quarterbacks by decade through the Super Bowl era, of which this is only a tiny sliver:

Slip and Tackle: Four Decades of Super Bowl Quarterbacks

If you look closely, you can see some really interesting trends, such as the decade-by-decade increase in QB rating, the impact of the West Coast offense on yards-per-attempt, and how the NFL's new trend of vertical offenses (typified by Josh McDaniels and the Patriots' school) is starting to reverse that trend.

Just stunning work, and my recommended "Read" of the day.

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