The Tavon Austin Show Needs a Rewrite as Rams Fall to Packers

The St Louis Rams' home opener vs the Green Bay Packers was treated as little more than a padded practice by Jeff Fisher and the coaching staff, but even with low expectations the level of execution – or lack of it – was irksome for the paying fans in attendance. It was a sloppy contest […]

Sam Bradford looks to reset expectations in 2013

Just like every other quarterback (and to a greater extent, every professional athlete), Sam Bradford can’t control the professional expectations hovering over his head every second of every day. He can’t control his team’s decision to stick by his side while Robert Griffin III patiently waited behind Door #1. He can’t control that the six-year, […]

Isaiah Pead, Bernie Kosar, and the Unexpected Power of Words

The NFL preseason is the land of eternal optimism, at least if you're a writer. Team have spent months acquiring new talent and polishing up new schemes, and we are all invited to Ooh and Aah. Then we all play a game of evaluating, as realistically (*cough*) as possible, the reasons why this team will […]

Greg the Leg is back! 55 Observations from Preseason Week 1

The level of competition can be pooh-poohed all you want, but 55 yards is still 55 yards and they don't make the goalposts wider in the preseason. Want to hang your hat on something concrete from tonight's 27-19 scrimmage versus the Cleveland Browns? Greg Zuerlein's well-rested leg is back in the business of making jaw-dropping […]

One-liners from Rams Camp, Week One

Five years ago at this time, the Rams opened practice to the fans for the first time in ages. Also, my son was born. Suddenly, August jumped up the rankings from one of the worst months in St Louis to one of the best. Unfortunately, though, the Rams and the boy aren't quite ready to […]

Rams Fan Fest 2013: the wraps come off Tavon Austin and the offense

"Hey Will. Ten and six!"  Train's voice rumbled down from two rows above me, sitting behind the goal posts as the offense and defense played 11-on-11 in a red zone drill. Brian Quick split out wide left, with Jared Cook in the slot next to him. Chris Civens and Tavon Austin lined up to the […]

Deacon Jones: A Game-Changing Legend Passes

Even among professional athletes, the elite of the elite among those to ever play a sport, there are levels of greatness that can elevate you to various levels of immortality. There is single-game (or even single-play) greatness, such as The Tackle that won Super Bowl XXXIV for the Rams and won Mike Jones a hero's […]

Three UDFA Rams Rookies to Watch

This weekend marked the first time that the Rams rookies got on the field to work with Rams coaches. Seven draft picks, 22 undrafted free agents, and a busload of "tryout" players — promised nothing but a hotel room and a chance to earn a coach's eye — made their way to Earth City and […]

Know Your Rams: Twitter-stalking the 2013 Draft Class

We've spent months reading scouting reports, scouring film cutups (most of them by the indispensible Draft Breakdown crew), and debating with each other the games and playing styles of these prospects. But how well do we actually know the newest members of the St Louis Rams?  ("Well," says the twice-divorced itinerant philosopher in the room, […]

Top Ten 3rd-round Targets for the Rams

After the dust settled from a crazy first round of the draft last night, the Rams were left with two players they highly coveted (Tavon Austin and Alec Ogletree) but also a long wait later today as they have no picks in the second round.  However, with two selections in round three they are still […]

R is for Risk: Weighing the Rams’ new Draft Philosophy

What seems like an eternity ago during the Devaney and Spagnuolo regime, draft day was tightly regimented, sacrificing athleticism to avoid character risk in draft pick after draft pick.  A few picks like James Laurinaitis and Rodger Saffold worked out, but the others fell flat and ultimately failed in building the foundation the “four pillars” […]

A Nightmare on Rams Street: Scary NFL Draft Scenarios

[View the story “#RamsDraft Nightmares … what are fans scared of?” on Storify] What draft scenarios would scare Rams fans the most? I collected responses on Storify on the eve of the first round. If the story fails to load in this page, click here.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: the Rams Draft Blueprint (Podcast)

We are two days away from a football fan's true Christmas. The NFL Draft is approaching, and in its few remaining eves we are acting like crazed children trying to figure out what gifts will be bestowed upon us. We're arguing about which shiny bauble we want most, spying into dark corners for clues, and […]