Top Ten 3rd-round Targets for the Rams

After the dust settled from a crazy first round of the draft last night, the Rams were left with two players they highly coveted (Tavon Austin and Alec Ogletree) but also a long wait later today as they have no picks in the second round.  However, with two selections in round three they are still […]


R is for Risk: Weighing the Rams’ new Draft Philosophy

What seems like an eternity ago during the Devaney and Spagnuolo regime, draft day was tightly regimented, sacrificing athleticism to avoid character risk in draft pick after draft pick.  A few picks like James Laurinaitis and Rodger Saffold worked out, but the others fell flat and ultimately failed in building the foundation the “four pillars” […]


A Nightmare on Rams Street: Scary NFL Draft Scenarios

[View the story “#RamsDraft Nightmares … what are fans scared of?” on Storify] What draft scenarios would scare Rams fans the most? I collected responses on Storify on the eve of the first round. If the story fails to load in this page, click here.


Bigger, Stronger, Faster: the Rams Draft Blueprint (Podcast)

We are two days away from a football fan's true Christmas. The NFL Draft is approaching, and in its few remaining eves we are acting like crazed children trying to figure out what gifts will be bestowed upon us. We're arguing about which shiny bauble we want most, spying into dark corners for clues, and […]


Rams Pre-Draft Top 10 Prospects

In my last entry at the start of the NFL Scouting Combine, I estimated which ten players seemed to be the most likely targets for the Rams and their 2 first-round selections.  A lot has happened since then;  the Rams have no starting safeties, Jake Long and Jared Cook were signed, and both starting WR […]


Taking the Reins: This is Sam Bradford’s Team Now

One of my favorite stories in Rams lore was in a week nine loss against the Lions during the 1999 Super Bowl season. The loss was nothing special, one of three on the season, but Kurt Warner’s story from that day echoes in my head as this St. Louis team experiences a changing of the […]


Jared Cook adds spice to a bland Rams offense

There’s a new chef in town. By acquiring former Titan TE Jared Cook on the first day of free agency, the Rams may have very well signed the most versatile and able-bodied weapon available.  Les Snead has stressed getting weapons for Sam Bradford, but he also mentioned that the only way to measure production is […]


On Credibility

Not that anyone reads it, but we have a brief writer's guide here at RamsHerd. Right at the top, it says: We aren’t a magazine or a newspaper, but we can follow a basic journalistic code: be unique check your facts check your spelling and don’t rip people off. That was my attempt at setting […]

Twitter – The Death of Journalism

  Many of you know that I am not a professional journalist.  However, even I can figure out whether something is newsworthy.  The whole notion that someone on twitter says something so I will report it is ludicrous.  It is not journalism.  Today, this was taken to all new heights.  Let’s go through the background […]

Wide Receivers – To Wait or Not To Wait

  I have written several articles about the wide receivers available in the draft.  In each, I have suggested that several of the options will be available for the Rams in the second round at pick 46.  That suggestion was made without a review of the other teams drafting and was primarily based on the […]


Where does Steven Jackson play in 2013? (A RamsHerd Round Table)

Jim Thomas just reported that Steven Jackson has elected to test free agency, saying goodbye to a guaranteed $7 million from the Rams in hopes of one more contract as a starting RB … and to potentially increase his chances of a deep playoff run.  The open question is which contending team might look at […]


Red Flag Player Profile: Tyrann Mathieu

With the 39th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft and the recent acquisition of Titus Young (now released), there is no question that Jeff Fisher will take a chance on players who have “character concerns.”  Gone are the four pillars and in comes the talent.  Janoris Jenkins had several issues entering the draft but Les […]