A Trade Too Far? The Opportunity Cost of Dealing with the Atlanta Falcons

The stars seem to be aligning perfectly for a draft-day trade between the St Louis Rams and the Atlanta Falcons. Les Snead came from the Falcons’ front office and still has strong ties there. He and Fisher have already established themselves as the league’s preeminent draft-pick dealers, buying and selling for the past two drafts. And the likeliest player to be taken #2 overall even wants a deal to happen.

But if Thomas Dimitroff picks up the phone, should Les Snead consider saying “no thanks”?  I mean, how would the NFL odds change for the upcoming season if the Rams do indeed trade for Clowney? Is he the missing piece that the Rams need to put them over the edge? Or would it be exactly what the Falcons want to happen, to turn their fortunes around for an eventual NFL Superbowl run? That is the deciding factor here.

That all depends on what you make of the elite talent at the top of the NFL Draft, particularly those that stand to offer the Rams the greatest help, for the season, and the future.