Seven-round mock draft starts Friday

I may not look like Les Snead, but I’ve got seven rounds of Rams picks to make just like he does.

You know the mock draft season has started in earnest when the Twitter-wide 32-team 7-round mock draft games start. That’s exactly what we’re in for this weekend, thanks to Neal Driscoll and There are some mock draft luminaries in the lineup, so I’ll have my work cut out for me. Here is the lineup, division-by-division, with first round pick order highlighted.

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (14): Alex Brown, (@ABXXV25
New York Giants (32): @Jmpasq, 
Philadelphia Eagles (15): Chris Steuber, formerly of (@ChrisSteuber)
Washington Redskins (6): Josh Buchanan, (@JoshBDraft

NFC North
Chicago Bears (19): Jon Dove, (@Jon_Dove42)
Detroit Lions (23): Jared Counterman, (@JaredCounterman)
Green Bay Packers (28): Wes Stueve, (@WeStueve)
Minnesota Vikings (3): Jason Lundquist (@Lundar71)

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons (x): Koory Esquibel (@KooorryEsquibel)
Carolina Panthers (9): Erik Galko, (@OptimumScouting)
New Orleans Saints (x): Jason Bernos, (@berns247)
Tampa Bay Bucs (5): David Clemons (@nolefan2death)

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals (13): Cisco Holgate (@ciscoholgate)
San Francisco 49ers (30): Vincent Frank, (@VincentFrankNFL)
Seattle Seahawks (12): Doug Kyed, (@DougKyed)
St Louis Rams (2): Will Horton, (@RamsHerd

AFC East
Buffalo Bills (10): Jesse Bartolis, (@NFLMocks)
Miami Dolphins (8): Neal Driscoll, (@NealDriscoll)
New England Patriots (27, 31): Mike Loyko, (@NEPD_Loyko)
New York Jets (16): Ralph Mancini, (@ReverendRalph)

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens (29): Kyle Casey, (@EndZoneReport)
Cincinnati Bengals (21): Joe Goodberry, (@JoeGoodberry)
Cleveland Browns (4, 22): Jesse Aubin (@nefinfan)
Pittsburgh Steelers (24): Shane P. Hallam, (@ShanePHallam)

AFC South
Houston Texans (26): Brandon Femia, (@BFem09)
Indianapolis Colts (1): Eugene Stasak Jr, (@EugeneStasakJr)
Jacksonville Jaguars (7): Steve Palazzolo, (@PFF_Steve)
Tennessee Titans (20): Jim Fitzgerald (@Forewasabi)

AFC West
Denver Broncos (25): Derek Tunnicliff (@derektunnicliff)
Kansas City Chiefs (11): Jinx Allessio (@JinxAllesio)
Oakland Raiders (x): Neal Driscoll, (@NealDriscoll)
San Diego Chargers (18): Mike Fast, (@MichaelFast1)

Incidentally, trade lines are wide open in this one. Bidding for Robert Griffin III starts in 3… 2… 1…