Updated: RamsHerd gameday giveaway: Show us your game face

The first-ever RamsHerd giveaway comes courtesy of Courtyard Marriott, who is hosting an invitation-only pregame tailgate party on Thursday, prior to the Rams' primetime matchup against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. And it just so happens that I have two invitations to give away. 

The details: Several notable guests, including Rams QB emeritus Marc Bulger, will be on hand at the downtown Courtyard Marriott at Market and Jefferson for a pregame party that starts at 6:00. There will be food, drinks, and a shuttle to the Dome for those that win tickets to the game. For those that don't, there will be a raffle to win two tickets; and for those that aren't gifted with the raffle magic or a ticket tree in their backyard, there will be a game-watching party at the Marriott.

The contest: Because I never get tired of awesome Fisher Stache photos, I'm asking readers to send in their best game-face pictures. If you get stached up, great. If you accessorize in other ways, awesome. If you have the hard cold eyes of Jack Youngblood and the bloodthirsty howl of an arctic wolf, by all means capture it on video and send it in.

You can post links to your photo in the comments section of this post, or you can Twitpic them to me at @RamsHerd. We'll be posting all submissions and picking a winner tonight, hopefully in celebration of a big Rams win over the Seattle Seahawks.

For those out-of-town Rams fans, if you're the traveling type, check out Marriott's Greatness On The Road campaign, which offers a 15% off orders of $100+ at NFLShop.com and other perks for fans who road-trip in support of their teams.

Update: Winner Announced!

Congratulations to @lbrown1213 for her winning GameFace submission. She actually looks more bloodthirsty than Rams fullback Brit Miller in this pic. Well done.

Also, I have posted a few corrections to the event details and related marketing stuff above. Notably, NFL fans do not get 15% off bookings, as I had originally stated. Also, the shuttle service to the Dome is apparently only for the lucky winners of the ticket raffle.

At the very least, I believe I have the identity of the special guest Rams QB right. There will be at least three former Rams quarterbacks in town as Trent Green will be in the booth, and Kurt Warner is said to be welcomed back to the field in the Rams' ongoing tribute to its former greats.