Rams’ Draft options at #6: Morris Claiborne, Michael Floyd, Dontari Poe?

Dontari Poe, NFL Combine

By chance, we came to an agreement that a trade between the Washington Redskins and St Louis Rams appeared to be the most likely deal when setting the table for the ThisGivenSunday Writers mock draft. This gave me, acting as the GM of the Rams, a difficult choice at the sixth pick of the draft.

Luck, Griffin, and Kalil were gone. No surprise there. Justin Blackmon and Morris Claiborne went with the next two picks, taking two favorites off our draft board. This left a difficult decision, in which any pick that filled a need seemed like a reach. In the end, I chose Memphis DT Dontari Poe, with the following logic:

I fully expect Fisher to go with a physical, ‘big off the bus’ player to help toughen the identity of this team. Poe has the dimensions and freakish strength/speed combination to do just that.

Presumably, though, Alabama RB Trent Richardson or Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd would have had the same effect. Both are physical marvels, ready to step in and make their presence known from day one. This is a decision that I still wrestle with. Faithful reader @ILookLikeCP3 adds an interesting wrinkle into the equation as well, suggesting that Tampa (picking at #5) might be the front-runner for the combo of Cortland Finnegan and Vincent Jackson.

If that were the case, there is a possibility that Tampa would pass on Claiborne, letting one of the draft’s best talents fall to the Rams at six. Then what do you do?

Now that the question of whether we had the ability to pull off the big deal, this becomes the question that will occupy Rams fans for the next month.