London wants to know: what makes you a Rams fan?

The St Louis Rams will play host to a sell-out crowd of football-crazed fans in a couple of weeks, but this "home" game will be six time zones away. While I have my reservations about the NFL's expansion across the pond, there is no doubt that there are folks over there who love our game.

Now they want to know about us: Why do we love the Rams? Answer this survey, and have a chance to win an autographed Sam Bradford helmet. I did it, it's painless, I promise.

Thanks is due to one of those football-mad Brits I was talking about earlier, Ross Miles. Ross has been a friend of the RamsHerd since our earliest days. (In fact, @RossMiles is officially listed as follower number 7 of 1600+., so there you go.) Ross is now lucky enough to work directly for the NFL as a European social media ambassador. Which, if I understand correctly, means he gets to wear a sash when he tweets, and is also diplomatically immune from Twitter Jail.