Anatomy of a Play: Steven Jackson’s incredible block sets up an Austin Pettis touchdown


Situation: 1st and Goal from the 2, 1:13 left in the 4th Quarter, down 21-17
Personnel: 11 
Play: Twins Right, Fake Gut, 922
Defense: 3-4, Double-barrel blitz, Cover-0

This touchdown from Sam Bradford to Austin Pettis capped one of the most impressive clutch drives we've seen from Bradford in a Rams uniform, and put the team in position to upser the mighty 49ers. Against a top-shelf defense bringing pressure up the gut, this play required – and got – perfect execution from the quarterback, running back, inside protection, and the wide receiver. 

[Editor's note: We're taking a different approach in this week's lesson in football from Coach Shields, as he is giving us his breakdown in video format. We broke this into two videos, roughly split between pre-snap and post-snap breakdowns.] 


Breaking down the Rams' formation and the 49ers' defensive plan of attack.

After the snap

Starting with the offensive line, how do the Rams win the key matchups to make this play work?

Isolating Jackson's key block

Jackson's block, Bradford's throw

Thanks to @Squick4n for the GIF.