Unsolved mysteries: How do you score only 3 points on 22 first downs?

Josh Brown can't figure it out
I feel you, Josh Brown. I can’t figure it out either.

Let’s pretend for argument’s sake that I just crawled out from under a rock, having seen not a minute of the game. Let’s say that I didn’t get on the Twitters for more than a minute or two, and missed all accounts of the real-time reaction. I open up the box score, and a mystery is presented before my eyes:

How in the hell did the Rams manage to win every offensive category but the scoreboard?

I mean, I am looking at these numbers for the Rams and legitimately scratching my head:

  • 22 first downs (to Green Bay’s 20)
  • 424 total net yards (to Green Bay’s 399)
  • 30:41 time of possession (to Green Bay’s 29:19)
  • 9 of 11 drives reached Green Bay territory
  • Several Rams big plays — 39-yard punt return, 45- and 32-yard pass plays — lead to no points 
  • The Rams had only one turnover

This isn’t a recap, because I still haven’t seen the game, having scrapped my plans for the weekend for an unexpected trip. Tomorrow’s Game Rewind will take care of that little detail. So consider this a mystery, as yet unsolved by me:

Just what in the hell are these Rams up to?