Rams fantasy relevance, revisited

A pass for Lance Kendricks.
Lance Kendricks, wide open vs the Eagles as expected. The outcome? Unexpected.

From all of us who touted Lance Kendricks as a week 1 starter, we apologize. The matchup looked good. Lance’s chemistry with Sam was percolating. All he had to do was catch the damn ball. 

Kendricks was targeted 5 times, catching one. At least one of the balls he dropped could have been a touchdown, and he appeared guilty of turning his eyes to the open space before bringing the ball in. (Announcers make that into a huge deal, but how many times do they show a receiver doing that on a successful catch and run? Never. Not because it doesn’t happen, but because it doesn’t fit the Strunck and White guidelines for football commentary.)

Let it be known that we at least were eating our own dogfood. I started Kendricks and garnered an impressive 1.8 points for his work. If you had started Kendricks and Bradford in this league (which penalizes for sacks and turnovers), their net would have been negative. The only positive plays were Steven Jackson’s injury-abbreviated day (which at least included a touchdown), Cadillac Williams (assuming anyone was crazy enough to start him), or tackle king Craig Dahl. 

So where does that leave us in Week 2? Asking a lot of questions, and benching a lot of Rams. We’ll revisit the matchup with the Giants later this week in Derek’s weekly Fantasy Corner, but if you’re the Rams homer in your fantasy league, we feel your pain right now.