Rams fans pay tribute to HOF inductee Marshall Faulk

Just touched down in Canton! It is time!!!!!!!!

With Hall of Fame induction ceremonies slated for this weekend, the NFL Network ran its tribute to Marshall Faulk last night. On Twitter, we followed suit, and spent all evening asking for Rams’ fans favorite Faulk moments, and RT’ing all responses. And in the process, we mined some video highlight gold, reliving moments like his ankle-breaking run vs the Cleveland Browns in 1999.

Here’s a full compendium of the fans’ Faulk tribute, with video highlights galore.

Your Favorite Faulk Moments, with video highlights.

@RamsHerd MF’s sick run against the Browns when he stopped and changed direction about 6 times all the way.

BrennanJSmith: The famous run Vermeil loves against Cleveland where he literally jukes six guys on the way to the end zone.

musicfitter562: His TD rush in ’99 against the Browns. I’ll never forget it. #Rams #FaulkHOF

rreynolds2186: Constantly sharing those ‘holy crap!’ comments with my Dad any time Marshall busted off one of his many ankle breaking runs.


@RamsHerd seeing his face on the jumbotron when the Super Bowl banner was raised -priceless watching a champion realizing the title was real

CLos_11: seeing the look on his face after he won the rams first superbowl.

@RamsHerd The short pass he took all the way at Tennessee in 1999, making 5 unblocked Titans miss. And 2nd half, 2001 NFC title game.

HixxinSoulard: Second half of NFC Championship game vs. PHI. Rams down 17-13 at half, so Martz feeds Faulk in 2 h. Rams win

Son_Dee76: The 2000 final vs New Orleans and the 2001 NFC Champ game vs Philly where he simply TOOK OVER and carried the Rams to victory
BigGame1190: Gotta be in the 2001 NFC championship game when we put the second half on Marhshall Faulk’s Shoulders by feeding him 29 times! 

More Faulk memories

@RamsHerd Picking Az up after he was dazed in 99 in a game @ Tennessee….True warrior and on field leader…

HixxinSoulard: My favorite faulk memories: him picking up Az at TEN in 99; the battle with J. Lynch at TB in 2000.

NFoxy22: I remember how other players talked of Marshall with such respect, like @QBKILLA talking about how he had NO WEAKNESSES.

SportsJerk03: all of those times Faulk took a screen pass to the house for a TD!

Son_Dee76: The 01 MNF game vs Det where he was SO hurt that he fumbled, but still noted “We got our swagger back.” A line later used by Jay Z

MPierce68: The long TD in the first quarter of the Minn playoff game.

theloot: Rams at home vs Bears. Opening drive Bears fearful of big play, so Faulk catches 7 or 8 swing passes to march down w/easy TD.

tlc27: I remember when the Rams were having QB troubles and MF was warming up with them, made me laugh, Too young to remember much else.

chriscrawford24: In 2000 vs minn. said he would pay all fines for celebrations after bob n weave was banned saying team needed their”swagger” back.

The love for Faulk… it’s a family affair

Ever since he came to the Rams, my siblings and I made peace with the fact that dad might love Marshall as much as us.

GoneGator68: 10 years ago, #28 is why we named our son “Marshall”. #FaulkHOF

LOOKthatsChad: not quite as cool, but I named my dog Marshall in 2000… All because of #28 as well.

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