Introducing the Inaugural RamsHerd Invitational football pool

Finally, a true test of your football brain power. Join the RamsHerd Invitational football pool on Yahoo! Group ID: 60532 / Password: Bradford

So, you’re a regular RamsHerd reader. That makes you an incredibly smart football fan by default. (And good looking, too! I bet you didn’t know this, but a rigorous scientific study shows that has been shown to ratchet up your attractiveness quotient by an order of… oh, let’s say twelve.) 

But what to do with all this wit and beauty? Put at least one of them to the test in our first annual football pool, henceforth known as the RamsHerd Invitational. There is no money involved, but there will be prizes (to be determined) awarded at the end of the year.

The concept is simple: pick winners of each game against the spread. But those point spreads can be fiendishly difficult to deal with. Just look at this week’s lines in the NFC West:

Philadelphia (-5) at the Rams. Five points is a pretty sizable line for a road team, but few teams are as explosive as Michael Vick’s Eagles. I know quite a few in this corner think the Rams can keep this game close, maybe even win it, but even those folks can easily see a scenario where our team makes one mistake and this thing snowballs in a hurry. 

Seattle at San Francisco (-5.5). Okay, we all know Tarvaris Jackson is not a very good quarterback. And Seattle has some serious issues to iron out in its run game before they can even consider using that as a shield to protect T-Jax. But the Niners winning by six? The same team whose first-team offense scored six points total in their first three preseason games? The hard part here is picking a horse to ride.

Carolina at Arizona (-7). Arizona is clearly improved on offense with Kevin Kolb. And Carolina is clearly a puzzle on offense with Cam Newton. Can his raw playmaking ability find holes in the aged and crumbling Arizona defense? Enough to keep the game close? Probably. But if Sam Bradford can throw three picks in his rookie debut against these Cardinals, what trust do you put in Newton’s pro readiness after a lockout-shortened preseason?

Think you can answer these questions? Come join us and find out just how smart you are.

Join the RamsHerd Invitational football pool on Yahoo!
Group ID: 60532
Password: Bradford