From It’s week 1, but these Rams are ready for the playoffs

For Sam Bradford, the intensity doesn’t stop when the whistle blows. Even after a win.

For those who aren’t following @RamsHerd on Twitter — first of all, you’re missing out on a whole ‘nother firehose of Rams conversation in addition to what you get on the site — you might not have noticed that I have a new gig now on Bloguin, writing for This Given Sunday, our new welter of quality NFL coverage.

This week, I was asked to write an article on the Rams’ chances of making the playoffs. and as our fourpart season preview shows, even without playing perfectly the team can get to nine wins and a likely division title in the mottled NFC West.

But are they ready to BE a playoff team? If they follow Sam Bradford’s example, they will be.

The end of a typical football game looks a lot like a wrap party at the end of four-act play. The actors who were mortal enemies acting out generations-old grudges with murderous passion for the last three hours take off the helmets, hug, slap hands, and make plans to meet up later. For these professionals, the heat of gameday comes with a switch that turns off after the whistle blows.

Sam Bradford doesn’t have that switch yet. And I don’t think he wants it.

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