From Bad to Worse: Jason Smith suffers head/neck injury

The Rams’ season of disaster just got significantly worse. Just after Cadillac Williams dropped the ball along the sideline on a decent run, Jason Smith got significantly injured while trying to recover the ball. As the screenshot (captured by @JBeres7) shows, Smith’s head got driven into his body by the knee of Dallas safety Abram Elam. 

A funereal pall descended over the stadium as Smith stayed down and the trainers began removing his face guard and securing his spine. Most troubling, reports from the sideline indicate “his breathing was labored.” It was a long ten minutes before Smith was finally carried off the field on a backboard. One positive note? Smith was conscious, and raised his hand to acknowledge his teammates and the hushed Dallas crowd.

Given Smith’s very troubling history with concussions, this injury could set him back for a significant period of time, and I would not be surprised to see him placed on the IR. His future with the team — his future livelihood playing the game of football — is very much in doubt for 2012.