Total Drama Tuesday: just another day for new Rams coach Josh McDaniels

sweet ass image by The Rams just got a helluva coach…

After what must have been a pretty successful interview and two days of contract negotiations between the Rams and Josh McDaniels, Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network (and  a GM candidate in San Francisco earlier this month) thought that things should be wrapping up today, one way or the other.

But even a 20-year veteran of NFL executive offices might have been surprised by the level of drama and intrigue of the past 12 hours … around the hiring of an offensive coordinator.

Spags is now calling fellow head coaches seeking OC candidates as the McD likelihood dwindling fast
Seahawks have been talking with former Broncos HC Josh McDaniels since Monday. Interesting.

(An interesting side note here: Bates coached under Carroll at USC in 2009; before that, he had been Jay Cutler’s QB coach in Denver until McDaniels arrived and fired him, along with almost all of the Broncos’ offensive staff. You can bet Bates hates him some McD.)

If McDaniels goes to Seattle clearly he is all about the money, rams situation much better than seahawks, Spags D will kill him anyway next yr

But after two hours of radio silence and plenty of teeth-gnashing, the deal was done, and Seattle’s last-ditch effort left them chasing *cough* Jim Zorn… all in all a delerious, glorious day for Rams fans. But for a coach as used to drama and turmoil as McDaniels, who knows? This might be just another Tuesday.