To our friends in Los Angeles: your dream is on hold, too.

LA stadium plans... on hold for now. Just as momentum for an LA stadium seemed to be building, the Lockout gets in the way.

After years of speculation, politics and in-fighting, the consortium led by Ed Roski that has been attempting to build a new stadium in Los Angeles and lure an NFL team away (or prompt Roger Goodell to reach into his magic sack and create one) had finally begun making serious headway. They have a site. They have an architect. And thanks to AEG’s mammoth naming deal, they have $700 million dollars to play with.

And just as Roski’s dream of fielding professional football in Los Angeles again seemed close to reality, the Lockout throws on the brakes. Again.

According to Jilane Rodgers, PR rep of the group formerly known as the NFLPA — which begs the question, how does an association that no longer exists still employ people? — part of the discovery process of Judge Doty’s ruling on the league’s TV contracts unveiled a rather interesting document. This “decision tree” was designed by the league to help owners an investors determine how and when to dip into the war chest, in the event of a lockout.

(Click to see this image full size)

Notable if you follow the chain down and to the right, under “Hold until new CBA in place”: Los Angeles.

On the one hand, this should be heartening. Clearly, LA is now forefront in the league’s plans, if it wasn’t already. They just have this little brushfire with those pesky players to put out first. On the other, though, it’s yet another obstacle in what has become a fifteen-year odyssey to return the sport to the city of angels.

Note: I haven’t always been so friendly with LA, particularly when I wrote this diatribe/open letter to the new Rams’ owners last year explaining why St Louis was the perfect home for the Rams. But my extended Twitter family now contains a lot more folks from Southern California, and they’ve warmed up my Grinchy little heart. Just don’t take my Rams, and we’ll be fine. (At this point, the Vikings, Jaguars, and Chargers all seem more likely anyway.)