Rounding up the Herd: No Joke Edition

Rams fan? Creative? Love football maybe a little too much? Want to write for RamsHerd? Hit me up.

Yes, it’s April 1st and the pranksters are out in force, but this is no joke. I’m looking for contributors to, to help us increase quantity without sacrificing quantity. Because even with the Lockout, I’m finding that there’s still so much Rams football to talk about. (You know, what with having a job and a family and such.)

Maybe you are an old-school fan from SoCal. Maybe you’re a young graphic designer who wants to blow some minds with some sweet infographics. Maybe you’re a budding Kerouac who just needs an outlet. Maybe you are getting tired of the 140-character restrictions of your Rams talk on Twitter. Whatever it is, if you like what we do here and want to be a part of it, I want to hear from you.

Now, on to some links, wrapping up the highlights of the week:

Leonard Little returns to football?

After much thought I will be returning to the NFL

Wow! you might think… Until you check the calendar.

After more thought, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! #AprilFools
ATTN: I will never wear a helmet or shoulder pads again!! That’s NOT a April Fools joke.

More April Foolin:

The Bleacher Report takes over at 11 Warriors. Hilarious. (via @edsbs)

24 returns for Season 9? (via STL girl gone Hollywood @Wersching)

Walter Football provides a Bizarro-world mock draft. I had no idea how coveted Ryan Mallett was. Seriously. (via @MockingTheDraft)

No Foolin, Just Mockin:

The Twitter-wide MockOne draft steams forward, into the fourth round now, where @PFF_Tyson just stole RB Shane Vereen for the Rams. (Love the pick. We’ve had an eye on Vereen for a while now…). For those scoring at home, Tyson traded up to snag Julio Jones in the 1st round, traded down and landed on rising LB prospect Mason Foster in the 2nd, and now has Vereen in the 4th. (No 3rd round pick… giving John Greco and Jerome Murphy some breathing room to earn jobs.)

The Bloguin Mock Draft is moving forward as well, with Blaine Gabbert and Von Miller getting ready for life in the NFL. RamsHerd will be on the clock next Wednesday … mark your calendars for some good Twitter discussion.

Continuing the mock-draft meme, the National Football Post’s director of scouting Wes Bunting submitted a very intriguing new mock — the first “legitimate” mock draft to feature a trade up by the Rams to snag Julio Jones from the Redskins. The dream is not dead.

Of course, the Washington Redskins are reported to be among the teams likely to be very interested in Jake Locker’s successful Pro Day, which could impact their draft strategy…

Safest option is the bullet. RT @kcclyburn: I got a good one for you; gun to head, Locker or Newton?

The NFP has also launched a MockOne-inspired Twitter-wide mock draft, and a Rams fan stranded in Desert Bird country (@brennansmith18) made a daring move up the draft board to get the guy we all want. But at a heavy cost in draft picks…

@NFPMockDraft The Rams have traded their 1st, 3rd and 4th round picks to the Redskins for their 1st and 6th round picks

Finally, VanRam from the inimitable Turf Show Times just picked for the Rams in the SBN Mock Draft. Unfortunately, Julio was already gone… did he get the right man? (Hint: I think so.)