NFL Players say “Let Us Play.” We agree.

One week remains until the Super Bowl, and the representatives for the players and owners have this time to sit down and come together and figure out how to salvage the 2011 season. All of it. Not just the games in September (or August, if an 18-game schedule is rammed down our throats), but the FULL season.

We have the regular season. The Playoffs. The draft. Undrafted free agents. Big time free agents. Mini camps, where we start to hear about schemes and personnel and workouts. More free agency activity, and big-ticket trades. Training camp, when our teams come to town and Rams fans are lucky enough to be invited to watch. Juggling fantasy football boards, and getting together for our fantasy drafts. And before you know it, the season begins again.

The NFL is year-round, as you can tell from blogs like mine, like Turf Show Times, like RamsGab. And we don’t stop writing, as you can tell from our archives. Why do we write year-round? Because of you. Because you fans love football — love the Rams — that damn much. And because we’re fans too, and we can’t stop feeding the beast. So this message is from more than just the players to the owners, its from all of us to all of you in suits, at the negotiating table.

Let us play. All of us.

Do your part. Go to and sign their petition. It isn’t about taking sides… we’re all on the same side here. We all want a 2011 season. We all want to play.