New Boss… Not the same as the Old Boss

For the first time since Bill Bidwill, St. Louis will have a locally-owned football team. According to Bernie Miklasz, who has been consistently on the forefront of coverage of the Rams’ ownership situation, Illinois businessman Shahid Khan will become the majority owner of the Rams. So I suppose we can put to rest all of those Ed Roski rumors… More on this later today, but first:

A big thank you to the Rosenbloom family, who have been extremely gracious and supportive to the St Louis Rams since the death of Georgia Frontiere. From their first act as owners — firing Scott Linehan — the Rosenblooms have been faced with a series of very tough decisions, and handled them in a way that honored their late mother’s legacy, but also acted more swiftly, smartly, and less sentimentally than Frontiere did. The Rams are in a better position today for their tenure as owners.