Dairy Farm vs the Rumor Mill: Which has more BS?

Regarding the rumor that the Rams have offered a trade for Donovan McNabb, I ask you: which smells worse?

Option A:

Option B: Dealing for a hugely expensive 11-year veteran QB with questionable wheels when the team has one other weapon on offense, and a stable of unproven receivers, less than a week before Sam Bradford’s Pro Day?

I pick Option B. It looks like they at least sweep that dairy farm out every now and then.

Predictably, full-strength denials are coming in force.

miklasz About McNabb/Rams: a high-ranking Rams official insists “nothing to it.”
stltoday Rams blog: Devaney on Philly trade rumors: “Absolutely false.” http://bit.ly/cPUoJk

And here’s a bit of humor: the proposed deal (Atogwe and a 2nd round pick) sound suspiciously like an offer I crafted someplace on the interwebs — only I suggested trading for Kolb. But again, now that the Rams’ pursuit of Bradford is in high pitch, this scenario simply does not makes sense.

Credit for the gag that inspired this piece goes to longtime reader Chris Agne’s brilliant tweet today:

ChrisAgne @RamsHerd There are dairy farms with less BS than the McNabb-to-STL rumor.