Bradford to the Redskins? (Peter) King’s Ransom

Peter King’s MMQB this week leads off with a “49% chance” that Bradford ends up in Washington. We’ve already discussed the “king’s ransom” of picks that it would take to pry Bradford away from St Louis: here’s what Peter King throws out as a possible package:

My money’s on the 51 percent of Brandt’s prediction here. I can’t see the Rams passing on a player I hear they absolutely love — unless the treasure trove they get in return could set them up with the first- and second-rounders here, plus a one next year, and they’d also have to love Clausen. Those are some very big ifs.

— Peter King MMQB (Tuesday Mailbag)

Two #1s and a #2 for Bradford, with the chance to draft a possibly superior quarterback in Jimmy Clausen … that could be dream scenario for the rebuilding Rams.

What’s ironic is that if the Rams do trade out of the top spot, they could conceivably do it again in the second round, if Texas QB Colt McCoy slips past pick #32 (which is widely expected to happen). The target? Cleveland’s 6th pick in the second round, plus perhaps one of their three third-round choices.

nfldraftscout The more calls we make, the more I hear Mike Holmgren LOVES Colt McCoy. May consider moving back in to Rd 1 for him.

Why move into the first round, when very few teams late in the round will likely be targeting him? This could be a very intriguing double-trade scenario for the Rams.